6 Heroes’ Costumes at Avengers 4

Glamovie.com – Avengers: Infinity War Last April success with a total revenue of $ 2,046,457,397 worldwide.

In early 2018, several promotional images from the fourth Avengers had circulated. Although some people say the pictures are fake.

The images that were re-released proved to be authentic and have been uploaded to the internet with high resolution.

Here are pictures of Captain Marvel, Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor,

1. Captain Marvel

Already know who is called Nick Fury in the post credit Infinity War? Captain Marvel!

In the continuation of this film, Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, will join the Avengers.

Until now, Captain Marvel is rumored to be the most powerful superhero at the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Carol Danvers here has been wearing red-blue costumes, no longer blue-green like a Kree uniform.

2. Hulk

hulk new custom

Remember when it was difficult Dr. Bruce Banner turns into a Hulk?

At the beginning of the film Hulk only has a small screen time. After being defeated by Thanos, he did not want to came. But on Avengers 4, he looks like he will come back with a new costume. Not only that, Hulk’s facial expression also seemed calm. More like Banner than the Hulk. It looks like here Banner and the Hulk are fully united.

3. Rocket Raccoonrocket racoon

He is one of the remaining Guardians.

Not much change with the costume later.

4. Captain America

captain america

Captain America will return with a fresher appearance. He no longer has a beard and wears black clothes.

Captain’s beard and long hair on Infinity War is actually just to hide himself because he is an international fugitive.

After Thanos eliminated half the population, Captain’s disguise was no longer important.

5. Iron Man

iron man mark 50

Stay the same as before, Iron Man will reuse the Mark 50.

Last seen, this armor was successfully used by Iron Man to slightly make Thanos blister.

We will see if this time Iron Man will have additional weapons from this armor to make Thanos bleed?

6. Thor

thor stormbreaker

King Asgard aka Thor Odinson in a red robe and Stormbreaker ax ready to fight Thanos.

Although there is not much detailed information about Avengers 4, the film is rumored to be released in May 2019.

Marvel fans are still trying to figure out the intent of the final scene of Infinity War that makes some superheroes disappear into dust.

Only with one flick of a finger, Thanos managed to take lives from Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Wasp, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, Doctor Strange, Groot, and Spider-Man. (Glamovie).

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