4 Enemies Humiliated by Hulk in Marvel Movies

Glamovie.com – The Hulk is really a monster. He can beat other powerful creatures brutally. Believe it or not, the Marvel movie version of the Hulk is actually weaker than the comic version.

Like Thor, the Hulk also has a reduction in power levels. Maybe so he is balanced with his colleagues at the Avengers. Even so, the Hulk remains very strong. There are even some enemies that he not only defeated, but also he was embarrassed.

1. Leviathan

hulk vs leviathan

Leviathan is a giant creature from Chitauri.

The hope of destroying these creatures alone was just Thor’s hero (an Asgard god), Iron Man (with more sophisticated weaponry than a fighter), and the character we are discussing today, the Hulk.

Bruce Banner came to the Battle of New York, Tony Stark brought a Leviathan to Banner, Steve Rogers and Black Widow.

Banner then voluntarily turned into a Hulk and stopped Leviathan with just one blow.

Leviathan’s big body and momentum seemed to be pointless. Hulk can stop the monster’s speed, while making the creature a target of Tony Stark’s fire.

2. Loki

hulk vs loki

Before this moment, Loki looked like an enemy that was difficult to defeat. Even when a duel in Germany, Loki had time to urge Captain America, the super soldier.

Captain America managed to give Loki a few punches, but the attacks failed to influence Loki.

This is interesting, because among the Asgards, Loki is one of the physically weak.

He was only disabled when Iron Man arrived.

With his deceptive abilities, Loki was also able to stab Phil Coulson and deceive Thor. Even Loki can also catch arrows aimed at his head. (Even then the arrow explodes).

Then Loki met with the Hulk.

Never mind fighting like when fighting Captain America, Loki was really humiliated by the Hulk by being beaten up.

“Puny God,” commented Hulk after dropping his enemy.

3. Ultron

ultron on avengers

Overall, as an enemy of Hulk, Ultron did not seem to threaten. At the Battle of Sokovia, Hulk ransacked Ultron’s troops who tried to attack him. In one moment, the Hulk was even able to bite the head of an Ultron soldier who tried to attack him. Hulk got on the plane and easily threw Ultron.

4. Emil Blonsky

hulk vs emil blonsky

Specifically Emil Blonsky, not Abomination, because after becoming an Abomination this soldier can give fierce resistance to facing the Hulk. But when he was still a human, then a human with additional strength, Emil and his army failed to fight the Hulk.

First, Emil and his soldiers were really just ordinary trained soldiers. Given that the Hulk cannot be stopped by Loki and Ultron, it is only natural that Emil is powerless against the Hulk.

Then Emil was strengthened. His troops were also armed with Stark Industries technology this time.

What happened?

Hulk can also anticipate the traps.

Perhaps too confident with his new strength, at the end of the confrontation, Blonsky dared to stand face to face with the Hulk and challenge him.

The Hulk kicked Blonsky until Blonsky rolled and hit the tree.

That is the enemies of the Hulk who have been embarrassingly successful in Marvel films.

Even though his enemies can fight, usually the Hulk will not lose easily. See the duel of Hulk vs. Hulkbuster, Fenris, and Thor. In the end the Hulk was defeated by Hulkbuster, and almost lost to Thor, but he was still able to give fierce resistance when facing them. Therefore, when Thanos can easily defeat the Hulk in Infinity War, Thanos is very dangerous. (Glamovie).

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