2 New Characters Will Play in Spinoff Kingsman 3

Glamovie.com – Kingsman is one of the most popular secret agent films. Therefore, the film producer, Matthew Vaughn has many very ambitious plans for the future of the Kingsman world.

A recent report says that Matthew is now preparing a first spinoff film from Kingsman. And Kingsman’s third film will be the beginning of a spinoff entitled Kingsman: The Great Game.

Quoting from Comicbook, Friday (08/10/2019), Kingsman 3 will center on stories during World War I, or in the 1910s.

There will be two new main characters in this third film.

If the news spreads correctly, then the two new characters will not only appear on Kingsman 3. Matthew reportedly intends to display the two characters in the Kingsman prequel film.

Matthew only gave a little leak about one of the characters who will appear in the film. He said that there would be a teenager known as Conrad, an arrogant young son from an English Duke who wanted to help his country in the Great War.

While for the second character, there is no more information from the production team. It’s just that the information circulating says this second character is an older man.

The studio reportedly intends to take Ralph Fiennes to play the second character.

The Kingsman 3 film is scheduled to start shooting in the UK in January. Reportedly, this film will be the background of Kingsman: The Great Game.

However, it is certain that the Kingsman 3 movie will be the closing film of the current Kingsman film trilogy. Meanwhile, fans expect Matthew to present many of Kingsman’s spinoff films, before ending Kingsman’s main trilogy.

For your information, at the time of the premiere of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the two film players, namely Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges revealed that they had talked about the spinoff film with Matthew. (Glamovie).

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