15 Facts of Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff

Glamovie.com – Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff gets quite a lot of scenes in the Avengers: Infinity War movie. Here are 15 facts about the Scarlet Witch that are interesting to know,

1. Children of Magneto, and Twins of Pietro

erik lehnserr aka magneto
Erik Lehnserr aka Magneto

Who are the parents of the Scarlet Witch? He is a partner of Erik and Magda. Erik Lehnserr is Magneto.

Magneto did not know that the Scarlet Witch was his daughter, because the Scarlet Witch was raised by Django Maximoff, not by Magneto.

This is not the same in Marvel films, because Magneto and X-Men, the copyright is owned by Fox.

2. She Is an Enemy

First appearing in the fourth issue of X-Men, Scarlet Witch (along with Quicksilver) is an enemy of the X-Men team. He joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Magneto, their father. But at that time, Magneto did not know that the Maximoff brothers were his children.

3. One of the Strongest Mutants

In Marvel films, he became one of the strongest characters in the cinematic universe. Similar to comics, he is also one of the strongest mutants. But there is a difference because in Marvel movies, she is not a mutant, but a human trial from Scepter.

This is also because mutant’s copyright is owned by Fox, not Disney.

4. Characters favored by Stan Lee

stan lee
Stan Lee

Scarlet Witch is the character favored by its creator, Stan Lee. Stan Lee said that the concept of both was an enemy, but actually not too evil and could be loved by the reader. Therefore Stan Lee has a concept to make Maximoff brothers change from enemies to heroes, and join the Avengers.

5. Practicing Magic

It’s called Scarlet Witch, but actually she’s not a witch, just a mutant. Even so, he also practices how to use magic.

In comics, she practices with Agatha Harkness, one of the magicians in the world of Marvel comics. His magic power will be used to control his strength.

6. Not Familiar with Humans

Although mutants are equally human, they seem to have different levels, because they are Homo Superior, not Homo Sapiens.

Because of this, Scarlet Witch said that she was not too close to fellow humans. But she can still interact with other humans. Not really can’t.

7. Moving Team

Characters in Marvel usually have a team of super heroes or various super villains. Then Scarlet Witch also often moved teams. From the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, then become the Avengers, next to the team of Lady Liberators who are female superheroes.

In addition there are Defenders and Secret Defenders. She is also part of the West Coast Avengers, and there are still a number of other teams.

8. Needs Doctor Strange and Professor X

professor xavier
Young Professor Xavier
professor xavier
Young Professor Xavier
professor xavier
Professor Xavier
doctor strange
Doctor Strange

Because of its great strength, she needs Doctor Strange and Professor X alias Xavier to be able to stop the power of the mind from the Scarlet Witch. Both had to work together to calm and stop the power of the mind from the Scarlet Witch.

9. Use Wimplescarlet witch aka wanda maximoff

Wimple is the name of a head accessory that has existed since time immemorial. Because of its very comical shape, the Scarlet Witch in Marvel films doesn’t wear anything on its head.

10. Bringing the Dark Lord

Since birth, Scarlet Witch has brought the soul of the Dark Lord, who is also a part of Demiurge God, namely Chthon.

The Python enters Wanda’s body when he is born (along with his twin). From here the Chthon enters the Scarlet Witch’s body. This also causes Wanda to become very strong.

Later when the Chthon came out of the Scarlet Witch’s body, the Scarlet Witch’s strength remained.

11. Married Vision

wanda maximoff and vision
Wanda and Vision

In the Marvel movie, Scarlet Witch has been shown with Vision, but is not yet married. In comics, both are married.

Vision is an Android that has feelings like humans, and Wanda is a very strong mutant. This is a very interesting combination.

12. Can’t Have Children Normally

Because Vision is not a human, of course the Vision and Wanda couples cannot have children normally. But it can be abnormal.

Marvel’s comic world is full of magical things.

Using her own abilities, she creates children from herself and Vision. Not only one, but two twins, his two children will also become superheroes, namely Speed and Wiccan.

13. First Twins

The two children we mentioned above are twins of the second generation of Vision and Wanda. Previously there were Tommy and Billy. Their way of birth is the same, the difference is their fate.

Wanda uses Mephisto’s strength to give souls to Tommy and Billy. As a result, Mephisto absorbed his strength again, making the two twin sons of Vision and Wanda disappear.

Wanda is very depressed.

14. Changing the Reality of the World

Because the depression comes from one of the strongest mutants, the impact becomes very large.

In the House of M comic, Wanda has destroyed one city and killed several heroes, including Vision. She changes things that should happen, into something else. An example is, she makes some mutants in the world disappear from the memories of others, and she also makes mutants become more hostile to ordinary humans.

15. M Day

There was an incident in the Marvel comics that were very influential, namely M Day. This was the end of the House of M comic, when Wanda said only three words that were very influential, namely “No more Mutant”.

After that, almost all mutants around the world lost their power. Even after this incident, it took a long time until the 616 world could become as it was. (Glamovie).

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