10 Tragic Genesis Predictions that will occur in Avengers 4

Glamovie.com – Many questions arise about the fate of the world after the events in Avengers: Infinity War. The series can be one of the darkest series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because the Avengers can’t do anything. Thanos the main enemy managed to collect the entire infinity stone and use it so that a portion of the population of living things disappeared.

On the internet, many predictions say that to defeat Thanos requires a lot of sacrifice.

10 Tragic Event Predictions at Avengers 4

1. Nebula commits suicide


The Nebula is one of the characters who has a high desire to defeat Thanos. In addition, she has no other purpose.

It is predicted that the Nebula will do something very significant in Avengers 4. If she can’t kill Thanos, then there is one thing she can do.

What is that thing?

The Nebula might kill themselves to free Gamora in Soul World.

The theory of Soul World is a very busy theory. Maybe later the Nebula will know that to free someone from Soul World requires sacrifice. After knowing about it Nebula will free her sister.

2. HawkEye’s family becomes a victim

hawkeye clint burton and family

At Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is told that Hawkeye or Clint Burton had a family. That is a happy little family.

It is possible that the family has become a victim of Thanos’s ferocity in Avengers: Infinity War.

If that happens, then Clint finds out that the Avengers are fighting Thanos and he will appear to help the Avengers.

Burton, who was disappointed, then gained new strength and became the figure of Ronin.

Fans will be sad to see Clint’s fate, but they will be happy because Clint will be more comical when he becomes Ronin.

3. The second fall of Asgard

thor at asgard

Asgard has been destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok. It is likely that Asgard will experience a second destruction at Avengers 4.

One of the tragic predictions of Avengers 4 is the destruction of Asgard.

This could happen because the MCU reportedly did not have a plan to make Thor next. So this can be the best way to close Thor’s story, which is to destroy Asgard and all the people who are still there.

Maybe later the Asgard survivors will take part in facing Thanos until they die.

4. Thanos Utilizes the Dead

The strength of Infinity Stone is really crazy. Each stone has special expertise. One of them is Soul Stone that can control life and death in the film.

The craziest possibility is that Thanos will use Soul Stone to revive dangerous people who have died. And if that happens, it will be very difficult for the Avengers to beat Thanos. Rocket might have to fight Groot, the Avengers must fight Spiderman, Captain America must fight Bucky, and others.

5. Bruce Banner is only an ordinary human

bruce banner cannot turn into hulk

In Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner has a problem when Hulk is reluctant to appear face to face against Thanos. This moment occurred throughout the film because the figure of the Hulk only appeared once in the beginning when he lost to fight against Thanos.

Chances are that in the second series Banner will still experience the same thing and must fight with the Hulk Booster again. This is certainly a disadvantage for the Avengers because the Hulk has great power to hit the enemy.

6. Vision Killed Again

mind stone of vision

One of the ideas on Avengers 4 is to go back in time and there will likely be many things that will be repeated, one of which is the battle on Wakanda.

Here Vision’s Mind Stone is likely to be tried again to be destroyed. But just as before, the effort to destroy Mind Stone will fail again and Vision will be killed again.

7. Gamora will Not Return


At Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos sacrifices Gamora to get a Soul Stone.

The theory circulating at the moment is that Gamora did not die, but only caught up in Soul World. The theory arises because Gamora is mentioned to appear for the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 3.

But there is a theory that is not less powerful that Gamora will never return. That will be proof that to get Infinity Stone is not an easy thing.

8. Captain America Killed

captain america at infinity war

In comics, Captain America has been willing to give his life to stop the war. So it is not impossible if it will also happen in the film.

At Avengers: Infinity War, Captain bravely fights Thanos. Maybe in Avengers 4, he will also do the same thing.

Maybe Captain also wants death because he wants to meet Peggy Carter.

Captain’s death can also be a peaceful way for him to be friends again with Tonny Stark.

9. Tony Stark Sacrifices for Peter Parker

peter parker and tony stark

Tony Stark is one of the figures haunted by the dark past. He even had to be hostile to Captain America.

His bad past and image in the eyes of Captain America certainly made him want to do useful things during his life.

It’s possible Tony will sacrifice his life for Peter Parker.

As we know, Tony was very sad when Peter disappeared from the world after Thanos used the power of Infinity Stone. If you really can exchange, maybe Tony will sacrifice his life. Moreover Peter became Spiderman because of the technology given by Tony.

The most important thing is the news that Robert Downey jr wants to quit the MCU.

10. Tony Stark’s son will lose father

tony stark and pepper potts

One of the most tragic things in a movie is when a child does not have a father, mother, or both.

At Avengers 4, chances are this can happen because Pepper Potts is rumored to be pregnant at Avengers 4.

Tony’s son is then born but his father because Tony has sacrificed his life. (Glamovie).

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