10 Strange and Unique Facts about Thor

Glamovie.com – Having a pet, having worked with an enemy, has a Mjolnir hammer. Those are some facts about Thor. You who have become fans of Marvel certainly know about Thor. Are you a Thor fan? If so, then you must know the 10 facts about Thor that follows. There are many things, namely important trivia and funny things to strange things about Thor.

1. The story of Thor was born at the same time as Spider-Manspider-man

These two Marvel icons have been born in the same month. They together appeared for the first time in August 1962.

The unique thing is that they appear in comics that do not use their names in the title.

Thor appeared in the Journey into Mystery comic, and Spider-Man appeared in the Amazing Fantasy comic.

After they were popular, then each of them got a comic series with the title of their own name.

2. Eternity that can be determined

In Nordic mythology, Thor and other Asgard inhabitants can become immortal because they eat golden apple from Idunn. This apple is only in Asgard, and can only be picked by Idunn.

What about the comic version of Thor’s story?

It’s like that. If you want to lengthen your life, Thor must return to Asgard. That’s why the age of Thor can reach thousands of years.

3. The origin of Mjolnir

A long time ago, there was a very strong lightning-strength entity called God Tempest. He has tried to attack Asgard, but Asgard is protected by Odin.

After a long battle, God Tempest finally weakened and was trapped in Uru’s frame, which was a metal material given by the Dwarve in Nidavellir as a gift to Odin.

The lightning entity that was still trapped in the Uru frame was finally taken to Nidavellir to be converted into a hammer.

Eitri from Nidavellir created Mjolnir from Uru’s frame which was added by the heat of a star.

4. Thor Can’t Fly

thor flying

Thor is one of the characters in Marvel who can fly. But in fact, Thor said that he didn’t really fly.

The ability to fly is not in the list of powers belonging to Thor. But he can float in the air.

The way Thor had to fly was by swinging Mjolnir, then Mjolnir who would pull Thor to his destination.

If Thor wants to stop while flying, then he must turn Mjolnir into a helicopter propeller.

5. Thor has a powerful belt

In addition to the Mjonir hammer, Thor also has a magic belt called Megingjord or Belt of Strength. With this magical belt, Thor who is already strong will become even stronger.

Megingjord is sometimes also used as a place to put Thor’s hammer, like people in the 1990s who like to hook pagers to belts.

6. Thor has a Goat Pet

thor has a goat pet

Who would have thought that Thor had a pet? There are two tails and both are goats. They are Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Both are animals in charge of pulling Thor’s chariot.

Of course not just an ordinary carriage. Both of these goats have the ability to fly.

7. Thor has a relationship with Spider-Man (again)

In 1991, Sam Raimi wanted to be the director of Thor’s adaptation film, but Fox canceled this plan.

According to Fox, who is the person who wants to watch a movie about the story of the Nordic God?

Because of this, Sam Raimi canceled the director’s film Thor, but became the director of the Spider-Man film.

8. Thor and Hitler

thor and hitler

In the first part of the comic Invaders, Thor miraculously worked with Adolf Hitler. Thor has become the leader of the Nazi Hitler army and fought the Inavders team, namely Captain America, Human Torch, Toro, and Namor.

Why did Thor join the Nazis?

The reason is just because Hitler asked for it in a polite manner.

9. Thor changed to become a frog

thor become frog

Thor was once transformed into a frog in several publications in his comic. Thor’s adopted brother, namely Loki who was nosy and changed his brother into a frog.

Thor is trapped in the form of frogs up to 4 comic publications.

10. Exchange roles with Loki

tom hiddleston loki as thor

Tom Hiddleston at the beginning of the audition didn’t really want to play Loki. He wants to play the role of Thor.

In addition to Tom Hiddleston, there is one more actor who wants to become the main character, namely Sam Rockwell who also almost became Tony Stark, but later he played Justin Hammer in ‘Iron Man 2’. (Glamovie).

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